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The SINGULARis is the Spam/Scam e-mail blocking list of the PTE Faculty of Sciences.
Currently there are two types of list objects:
  • Sender e-mail address
  • Sender(relay) IP
The e-mail senders on the list, will get a standard error notification from our system. If the e-mail was sent to our faculty, the error includes a direct link to the lookup & removal page. If the mail was filtered by an external system the error should include a link to this site.

There are multiple methods causing somebody to appear on the blocklist.
Our primary sources:
  • our system's internal e-mail statistics
  • trap e-mail addresses
  • user notifications
  • brute force log statistics

The main goal of the filtering is to prevent e-mail floods and phising. General spam filtering is done elsewhere, at the individually tuneable hercules spam filter system. The system is in production since 2014 may.

Informations about delisting are on the "lookup&removal" page.