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The SINGULARis works on our faculty's addresses. It is not available to workaround the blocking on the list with individual settings, the mails blocked by the list are not reach the hercules spam filter system.

At the faculty, the usage of the list is automatical, there is no need to set it, and local client's settings will not affect it.

The filtering is also done on messages forwarded to external e-mail addresses.

The IP list part of the blocklist is available as a standard dnsbl, so other systems can use it also.
Usage of the dnsbl in different e-mail systems
in sendmail:
# DNS based IP address spam list
R$*                   $: $&{client_addr}
R$-.$-.$-.$-          $: <?> $(dnsbl $4.$3.$2.$ $: OK $)
R<?>OK                        $: OKSOFAR
R<?>$+<TMP>           $: TMPOK
R<?>$+                $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: "550 Rejected: " $&{client_addr} " listed at"
in exim4:

deny dnslists =
in postfix:
smtpd_recipient_restrictions = ... , reject_rbl_client means spamming, a means brute-force crack on network.
Notes on warranties: the dnsbl is principally intended to use at our faculty. We won't guarantee the working or up to date state for external users, and we are not dedicating any bandwith for the service. We are not taking responsibility for the accurancy, or for the damages caused by the usage of the filter, and users will not get instant delisting accesses.